Web Series – Mubaraknama

Year: 2023

Run time: 1/57 m.

Genre: Crime / Comedy Drama

Director: Golam Sohrab Dodul

Release date: December 21, 2023 

⚠️Mild spoilers⚠️

The story of the movie

All three characters in the story perform at a strong level, just impeccable construction. You fight the case and win. And if you lose, you slap me, what a powerful dialogue!!

Mubarak is a defeated failed lawyer who is emotionally disturbed. Sabneen, on the other hand, has made herself an unstoppable lawyer with an advocacy degree from abroad.
And victim Suraiya who alleged that Dulabhai raped her. What is the mystery (?)

Four years and three months Mubarak has stepped down from his career, no advocacy practice. Mubarak is now a wounded bird. Faria’s performance as Mubarak’s wife is memorable on screen for some time. The looks, expressions, dialogues were amazing. However, their chemistry has not accumulated and it would have been better if they could have highlighted it more.

Suraiya and Abida are two sisters with a friendly relationship. Abida’s husband Roman is the son of a noble family. One day, Suraiya appears at Mubarak’s house, and pleads with him to fight her case, alleging that she was raped. But Mubarak is in mental trauma and he is not ready.
Knowing that Suraiya would file a case against her sister’s husband, the family broke up with her. but why (?)

Everyone from the Panchayat Sabha is against Suraiya. And the DNA test says that there is a complaint of abortion along with pregnancy in the previous physical relationship, rape of that girl is a minor matter. What a tragedy!! And according to the police investigation, Suraiya was earlier arrested by the police with foreign condoms and drugs.

On the other hand, Roman’s defense lawyer tried to take Suraiya to mental trauma by asking objectionable questions in the lower court.
What was the position of your legs during the rape (?) How did you lie in a different position (?) Inserted something else (?) Did the rapist have an orgasm? This is a tragedy.

Last twenty m. It was an amazing adventure. The sequence when the victim Suraiya was being questioned one by one in the court was just shocking. Suraiya’s character look, expression, perfectly realized presentation throughout the story. Unbelievable broke himself and became alone with the story.

The thinking of our society is very distorted. We find the faces of people in society more frightening than a rapist. As a result, thousands of rapes go unaddressed year after year. The future generation must understand that women do not mean no! If a woman talks with a smile, shows sincerity, drives a scooty, smokes, drinks, that woman cannot be considered available. It cannot be overemphasized. Can’t be overemphasized. These dialogues are funny to many but this is the reality. To understand the significance of these words you have to go deep.

What was the latest court verdict (?) What was the story behind reckless Suraiya (?) Will Mubarak be able to beat rival Tukhor Loyar Sabneen (?) To know the latest outcome of this breathtaking fight of truth and lies, stream the series only on ‘Any’ platform.

Every cast, look, expression, dialogue delivery in the story is just impeccable. Outstanding combination of BGM music with screen play cinematography.

Good luck to all artists including script writers.
Happy watching

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